Windows 11 is here and Tik Tok is coming to your desktop!

On Thursday, Jun 24th, Microsoft presented Windows 11 to the world. The new version comes with a redesigned user interface that focuses on improving the experience across different devices. The goal is to provide the same look and feel, it does not matter if you are working on a desktop computer using the mouse and keyboard or just reading your e-mails on a tablet with touchscreen.

 Following a similar path to the one that Apple took some years ago, when the user experience was streamlined across Mac computers and mobile devices, the Microsoft App Store changes were also massive. It will now provide all sort of content like movies, and it will also allow you to install Android apps on your computer through the Amazon App Store. How about watching Tik Tok videos while working on that Excel spreadsheet? Microsoft wants to bring some of the smartphone screen time back to the desktop.

Another feature borrowed from Mac OS, the Apple desktop operating system, is the ability to create distinct desktops with independent themes and wallpapers. The idea is to create independent spaces for personal, work and play on your computer. It will help you to organize the software you use and can avoid distractions.

 Other two important changes are the complete removal of Internet Explorer and the fully integration with Microsoft Teams. If you still rely on Internet Explorer because of some outdated software, now is a good time to start looking for alternatives. Microsoft Teams, that is poised to replace Skype, will now be part of Windows, fully integrated.

The next version of Windows is coming by 2021 holiday season and most of the computers manufactured over the last 5 years should be eligible for the free upgrade.

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