Windows 10: End of support unveiled

Microsoft has been hinting a new version of Windows is coming. Known by the codename Sun Valley, nobody knew if it would be released as a major Windows 10 upgrade or under a new Windows version.

Now we know, Microsoft announced the end of support date for Windows 10: October 14th, 2025.

The question still waiting to be answered is “What will the next Windows version be called?”.

So far, the hints point to the number 11. Microsoft announced the event to unveil the next Windows version next week, and it will start at 11am EST. Microsoft also released a teaser video with 11 minutes of duration.

The next version of Windows should bring significant changes on the user interface and a completely new Windows Store, following the steps Apple took in the past bringing the mobile App Store experience to the Mac computers.

Stay tuned for more updates about Windows new version. It will be presented on June, 24th at 11am EST.

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