Daruma Tech Contracts with Bluedog Group to Expand Business

BOCA RATON, FLA—Boca Computer, Daruma Tech’s IT services division in Boca Raton, has signed a contract with BlueDog Group, a major provider of high-end audiovisual systems design, installation, and project management, to manage its over 40 cloud-based servers. This contract is one of Boca Computer’s largest yet and reflects BlueDog’s strategic decision to outsource its server management and focus its resources on its growing business.

BlueDog designs and plans the installation of custom audiovisual systems for high-end, high-profile clients

In addition, Boca Computer’s parent company, Daruma Tech, will create two web apps for BlueDog, one that that will make BlueDog’s proprietary comprehensive catalog of specialized labor estimating and pricing data available on popular industry-specific software platforms, and a second, more streamlined app to serve the pricing and estimating needs of smaller audiovisual support companies.

The data-intensive nature of BlueDog’s business makes a dependable IT partner critical to their business, explained Rob Kennedy, president of Boca Computer. “BlueDog designs and plans the installation of custom audiovisual systems for high-end, high-profile clients, such as convention centers and owners of multimillion-dollar mansions,” Kennedy explained. “Data for each of their roughly 40 clients –engineering and design plans, pricing data and labor rates, and more—is stored on a dedicated server used only for that client. We’ll also be responsible for synching updates to BlueDog’s pricing and estimating catalog to each server.”

For BlueDog, the decision to outsource their server maintenance represents a significant turning point for their business. “Our situation concerning our server hosting and software support had become untenable, to the point we were seriously considering shutting those services down altogether, along with the potential for opportunities we still thought viable,” said Curt Hayes, general manager of BlueDog Group. “The metamorphosis in the few months we’ve worked with Daruma Tech has been incredible.  We have gone from a place of essentially turning prospects away—out of fear, we could no longer provide the support both they and we expect—to eagerly looking forward to not only resuscitating those dormant prospects to aggressively expanding our technology services to an even wider audience.”

To help them reach these goals, Daruma Tech’s forthcoming software apps for BlueDog aim to not only streamline the workflow for the BlueDog team but also make BlueDog’s knowledge base and resources accessible to smaller audiovisual support companies. “Smaller companies that focus on smaller projects may not have the financial resources BlueDog has, but there are a lot more of them,” Kennedy said. “With the second, smaller app, BlueDog can get ten times more volume by offering a more streamlined solution to these businesses.”

Hayes is excited and optimistic about the possibilities their new technology will open to BlueDog Group and encourages other businesses to embrace the potential of new technological solutions. “Suffice to say that if you’re dissatisfied with the technology in your business currently, or are considering bringing technology like apps or cloud services into your business but fear the unknown, I encourage you to give the team at Boca Computer and Daruma Tech a shot.  Our experience suggests you’ll be glad you did!”

Boca Computer is a Boca-Raton-based IT services company focused on proactive solutions, including managed services, cloud solutions, network support, and security and business continuity solutions, all delivered with an eye to exceptional customer service. Daruma Tech is a privately held software design firm based in Research Park at Florida Atlantic University® in Boca Raton, Florida. Its mission is to serve businesses across a range of industries with innovative software applications incorporating both cutting-edge technology and designs focused on the unique logistical and human needs of each client.

For more information, contact Rob Kennedy at (561) 715-9119

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